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John Kerwin is a multi-award-winning host who has interviewed hundreds of celebrities including Oscar, Emmy and Grammy award-winners. John started out as the house emcee at the World Famous Hollywood Improv, where he was discovered, which led to hosting his first TV talk show. Known for his inventive and imaginative interviews and audience participation segments, John is also the author of, “Talk Big: How to Interview Celebrities and Make Them Love You.”

Emily Bozzo is an Executive Producer and a 5th generation Bay Area native with a passion for bringing fun and excitement to every project she embarks on. With a background in venture capital and entertainment, Emily has worked closely with tech moguls, politicians, billionaires, and A-list celebrities, like: Elton John, Kelly Ripa, Neil Patrick Harris and Taran Killam. She is also an award-winning artist, choreographer, and Tik Tok expert, producing a viral video engaging 8.5 million viewers.

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